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B.A.D Girl Style: I’m About My Business.

Who said dressing up for work had to be boring? Your basic button up shirt that may seem wack to you can actually be very versatile.  The one I am wearing is from the Simply Vera Collection by Vera Wang, which is full of really great pieces for work and play. Four finger rock candy from you guessed it, PNK Elephant. I like to kick the days ass when I’m wearing my combats boots from Guess. Throw on a pair of  Negativity Blockers Since I started my new job about a month ago my positivity has sky rocketed. Yes, I am obviously happier, but I also put an effort into keeping my thoughts positive.  Consciously removing any negative stinkin’ thinkin’ and focusing on the good. I feel AMAZING. Try it, NOW. 😀

A Photo Diary of Things I LOVE.

True Love Tuesday Posts don’t necessarily have to be about relationships with significant others. So I want to share with you all a few photos (some from my Blackberry) of things I am crazy about right now. My Best B.A.D Girl (BBG) Alyssa received a real blessing this week and I am so grateful. I love you. Took a quick road trip to Dirty Jerz for some  fast food goodness with the boy friend. The tater tots were the best I have ever had. Ever. It was also his first time at Sonic. Major win. How dope is this ring? Toughens up any outfit instantly. Copped it at PNK Elephant. Give me a good glass of Sangria and I will be your bestest friend. 😉 Effing obsessed with this studded bracelet. I literally don’t take it off right now. It’s another PNK Elephant goody. What are some things you are lovin’ right now?

You can now call me Lita, baby.

I finally got my paws on a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s! These babies have been selling out everywhere in every color within minutes. I had very high expectations for these shoes from all the rave reviews I have heard and read about them. I am happy to say that they lived up to the hype. They are  sky-high, super comfy and delicious.  I almost slept in them the first night they came in and yes, I am serious. Do any of my fellow B.A.D girls own a pair? If so, are you as in love as I am? Check out the dope earrings I am rockin’ by my faves over at PNK Elephant! Outfit: Express Sweater, Sweet Girl Pants, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes, PNK Elephant Earrings, Turban from Etsy, Lanvin x H&M Red Lipstick

There is an Elephant in the room and it happens to be PNK!

I recently had the privilege of attending a really fun event for one of my favorite up and coming accessory brands, PNK Elephant. The Style Soiree was an accessory addicts paradise. I am a complete sucker for the color pink so you can imagine how much I loved all the  pink details from the cupcakes to the drinks to the fish! I had the pleasure of meeting the fabulous women behind  PNK Elephant, Kijafa Frink and Blair Sandlain. They were absolute sweethearts who made sure I felt welcomed and was enjoying myself. Take a look at how hot Kijafa looked that night and peep her Louboutins! HAWT! Okay, now for the goods, the accessories! I am a proud owner of a few of their pieces and I got even more excited when I was told I would be able to pick a piece from their collection to have! The PNK Elephant collection is very trendy and designed for a fashionista who is bold, bright and fun! I got to chat with Dana, one of their …