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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Not Getting What You Want

As B.A.D. Girls we want what we want and we bust our asses to make it happen. However, no matter how hard we may try some things just wont go our way.  I truly believe that when you don’t get what you want it is because there is something better on its way to you. It is so crucial that you do not allow the disappointment of not getting what you want distract you from your goals.  Know in your heart that something even more amazing than what you wanted is in store for you.  Don’t ever doubt your worth because of it. Get excited and be B.A.D! Have you ever received something even better than what you originally wanted? xo Nicole Let’s Connect: Bloglovin  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Wallpaper Your Inspirations

What is the one thing that we probably look at the most in a typical day? I will bet you anything its probably your cell phone. I am pretty sure I check  my phone 50 times (shameful, I know) a day so I started putting positive quotes and inspiring images as my wall paper and lock screen and it really helps me control my thoughts throughout the day.This tip is especially helpful if you are focused on achieving  something in particular. I always switch it up depending on my mood and my goals for the day or week. Here are a few of my current faves! Whats on your phones lock screen or wall paper? Have a kick ass week! xx Nicole Follow Me: Bloglovin Facebook Twitter Instagram

TLT: Create a Gratitude List

image via It’s said that ” Energy flows, where attention goes” and that you get what you focus on so stop dwelling on all of the annoying things that may be going on with your relationship and/or your significant other and start paying attention to the good things. Creating a “gratitude list” will allow you to put your energy into the positive aspects of your relationship and remember all of the wonderful qualities that you love about your partner. Everyday for the next 30 days write down one new thing on your list. The KEY here is to focus your thoughts and energy on the items you add to your list only. You will start to receive more of the good while the not so good start to disappear. ANDDDD if for some reason your list is coming up short it may be time for you to reevaluate your current relationship. Just saying. P.s. You can also create a “gratitude list” for your personal life too! What is something you are grateful for?

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Live In The Now

The problem with setting goals is that they keep you focused on the future as opposed to the most important time, which is the now.  Create standards that you can follow each day that will allow you to live your life everyday as your best B.A.D. Girl self. Life is a sequence of moments all called now. Your nows will determine the outcome of your tomorrows (future) so focus on making the best out of them. How are you choosing to live each day? xx Nicole

B.A.D. Girl Tip: How to Control Your Thoughts

All success in life whether material or spiritual starts with the thoughts that you put into your mind every second of every day. Your outer world reflects the state of your inner world. By controlling the thoughts that you think and the way you respond to the events in your life, you begin to control your destiny. True Story. My life has changed for the better the second I started living with a positive mind. How to Control Your thoughts: 1. Recognize when a negative thought is clouding your outlook. 2. Re-think your negative thought and change it to a positive one. 3. Reinforce yourself that the positive thought in your mind is the correct choice. 4. Repeat the thought as many times as necessary until you believe in it wholeheartedly. How do you practice positivity in your life?

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Set Daily Standards

I recently started reading this book and its completely changed my way of thinking, living and how I plan to set out and accomplish my goals. So basically I am no longer setting goals, but rather setting daily standards that will allow me to start achieving success TODAY. Here are some of the standards I am now implementing into my daily routine: 1. I will not put garbage food & drink into my body. 2. I will not entertain negativity in any shape or form. 3. I will dictate how my time is spent and with whom. 4. I will not spend money frivolously. 5. I will not over work myself. Now the key is to stick to my standards and my life will slowly begin to change for the better! What are some standards YOU can start to implement today?  xx Nicole

B.A.D. Girl Tip: Keep Your Energy UP

 Thoughts are waves of energy that when consistently repeated will create a physical form. So remember if you want to achieve success,  wealth, prosperity or love; keep your thoughts, words, and energy on those things. And keep them POSITIVE even if reality may be telling you otherwise. Wishing you all a KICK ASS Week! xx Nicole

Be Positive. It works.

Spreading some positive energy to all of you as we prepare to head into a new year. Make it a priority to control your thoughts and kick negativity’s ass! The minute you learn to let go of these ugly controlling thoughts, the better your life will become. Fact. xx P.S I started a TUMBLR. Follow ME for fashion, inspiration and all around BAD ass-ness ♥ Let me know your tumblr blogs and I will follow too!  *all images found here

Memo for Monday.

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.” ~ Maya Angelou I hope Monday is ready for this ass whoopin its going to get from all of us. 😉 xxo

How to: Keep your thoughts positive, ask questions and make sure you sing at the top of your lungs!

Be (B)eautiful: I absolutely love blasting my favorite song of the moment, singing at the top of my lungs and not caring about what anyone thinks. Its my way of releasing any stress I may have bottled up inside. It also helps to  put me  in an automatic good mood. 🙂 Be (A)uthentic: “Our thoughts create our reality; where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go”  by Peter McWilliams. This quote is oh so true. Its important to keep positive thoughts in and kick negative ones to the gutter! Be (D)etermined: A good question to ask on an interview is “Why is the position currently available?” Your intentions in asking this question is to get insight as to whether this will be a good job for you. The interviewer might tell you that the previous person wasn’t comfortable cold calling and being rejected. If this is the case for you as well then it can help you decide whether or not to accept the position if/when it’s offered to you.  They …