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B.A.D. Girl Tip: Wallpaper Your Inspirations

What is the one thing that we probably look at the most in a typical day? I will bet you anything its probably your cell phone. I am pretty sure I check  my phone 50 times (shameful, I know) a day so I started putting positive quotes and inspiring images as my wall paper and lock screen and it really helps me control my thoughts throughout the day.This tip is especially helpful if you are focused on achieving  something in particular. I always switch it up depending on my mood and my goals for the day or week. Here are a few of my current faves! Whats on your phones lock screen or wall paper? Have a kick ass week! xx Nicole Follow Me: Bloglovin Facebook Twitter Instagram

Today Is The Day

Hey Friends! I apologize for the lack of posts recently as I am currently undergoing a new and exciting transition in my life! I took this photo and posted it to my instagram account on my last day of work; I resigned! It feels amazing and I look forward to the challenges, opportunities, and freedoms that await me! But for now I am taking it one day at a time because all we really have is Today. Make your life count! Expect regular posts and more soon! xx Nicole Follow Me: Instagram :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Bloglovin

Today is YOUR Day

Today is the day Live Your Life With Abandon. Be Courageous and Wild at Heart. Be Your Own (S)Hero. Follow Your Dreams, No Matter How Big They Are. FALL IN LOVE. Be Generous and Truthful. INSPIRE SOMEONE. Take Chances and Be Spontaneous. Make Friends Wherever You Go. CREATE HAPPINESS. Smile at Strangers, Were on This Journey Together. This Is YOUR LIFE… Make It BEAUTIFUL. I found this baby at TJ Maxx and I couldn’t pass it by. I LOVE quotes! Have an amazing week! Be B.A.D.! xx Nicole