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ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Review

Are these super affordable liquid lipsticks worth the hype?


B.A.D. Girl Beauty: My Current Beauty Product Obsessions {Video}

I find myself getting a lot more into beauty and make up lately and I want to share with you girls some products I am really loving! I made a video review and unfortunately my voice came out  low, but feel free to check it out anyway and please subscribe to my channel! Ouidad Define & Shine Curl Styling Gel Cream, $24 This is my absolute favorite product from the Ouidad line and its the only product I use to style my curly hair now. It helps prevent frizz and has great hold. No hairspray needed with this baby! Yes to Grapefruit CC Cream, $15.99 Love this product for days I want coverage without having to get done up. Its lightweight and smells yummy! Maybelline FIT Me! Shine Free Foundation Stick, $8 I currently use this as my everyday go to foundation. It is easy to apply, gives me nice coverage and helps keep me shine free! Beauty Blender Sponge, $19.99 I am a bit late on this product, but I am SO happy I …

10 Things I loved about the Breaking Bad Series Finale

OMG that final episode was perfection. I can’t believe the show is over, it feels so surreal. I became so emotionally invested in this series and I could not be happier with the final episode. It was everything I had hoped for! Now, because I still have Breaking Bad on the brain I can’t think of content for this weeks B.A.D. girl tip! So instead I am going to share 10 things that I loved about the final episode of the best show on TV. 10. Walt’s one hit to the car window to remove the snow fall was so badass. 9. The shot of Walt hiding in the dark outside of the Schwartz mansion. 8. Realizing the two best hit men in town were Badger and Skinny Pete with lasers. 7. Walt singing while creating his Walter White Meets Scarface machine gun in the desert. 6. The entire conversation between Walt and Skyler in the Kitchen. It was so GOOD. 5. Walt shooting Uncle Jack right in his ugly a$$ face mid sentence! 4. The scene where …

B.A.D. Girl Beauty Review: BA STAR Stardust Mineral Eye Shadow

BA Star Makeup specializes in creating products for chicas who are active and need makeup with staying power.  They sent me their Stardust Mineral Eye Shadow in Apricot and a  Body Shimmer Base that you apply to the area in which you want to add shimmer (or shadow) and this is what gives it the lasting wear. Its basically a sweat proof primer made to last all day! So I decided to test their products (made for performance) out by wearing them to the gym while I did my 2 mile run on the treadmill.   Here are my before and after the gym photos. Nothing changed except my skin got a lot more red lol. My eye makeup barely smudged though! Pros: Shadow colors are very pretty and affordable at only $8.75. The Shimmer Base helps the mineral shadow stay in place all day. Perfect for those long days when you go from work to play. Easy to remove. Cons: The shimmer base glue made applying the mineral shadow not as “smooth” as I am …