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Bejeweled with Bakers Shoes.

I wore this outfit to go out for Japanese food for my dads Birthday yesterday.  I find that most people like to dress up more on the weekends and I always find myself trying to dress as comfortable as possible. The weather was chilly so I threw on my cropped super soft leather jacket from H&M. I’ve tricked a few people who thought  it was real leather actually, that’s how nice it is. I honestly don’t know when was the last time I shopped at Bakers, so I stopped in last weekend to check it out. That is when I spotted these babies and instantly fell in love with the bright colors and fun details. I knew these would come in handy when I want to dress up my summer outfits. My boo was with me and helped me to pick out this color over the others and he even bought them for me because he knew they would be such a hit. And he was right! Apparently shoes with a lot of detail, gems, …

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” ~Anaïs Nin

Be (B)eautiful: These make me happy. So hot and so BAD girl! Be (A)uthentic: How friggen cool will you look rockin’ this awesome watch from Nooka by artist and designer Matthew Waldman. Be (D)etermined: I dare you to do something by yourself  this week. Go to dinner or see a movie in the theater- ALONE! A  confident woman can do this and not worry about what others may be thinking. Cross it off your bucket list!