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Shoulders Are Sexy Too

I find non traditional things sexy and shoulders happen to be one of my favorite body parts.  I love how sexy bare shoulders can be and love a man with nice well defined ones! I wore this top to work and I kid you not I felt like I might as well have had my boobs out. I felt so scandalous and all it was, was a little shoulder! Why is that?! I am a sucker for off the shoulder looks and my latest obsession are these cut out tops. What body part do you find to be sexy?

LOVE Potion 214 Giveaway!

I have teamed up with the lovely ladies behind Love Potion 214 to GIVEAWAY a bottle of their sexy drink (alcoholic)  to 2 Style Me BAD readers! “Love Potion 214 is a sensual, aromatic, seductively infused drink created to elevate the mood with soothing hints of vanilla, alluring rose essence, splashed with coconut water and afrodisiatic cocoa. It is a drink sure to get you in the mood.” I got to sample the merchandise and Love Potion is delicious especially if you enjoy a nice sweet after dinner drink. Its smooth, not too strong and you feel it right away! Let’s just say I had an amazing night after sippin’ on this potion. It can be served chilled straight out of the bottle or you can heat it up! How to Enter: Must be 21 or older Comment below and tell us “What makes you feel Sexy?” Be sure to use the email you wish to be contacted with if you win. Subscribe to Style Me BAD (right hand side of page) or follow with Bloglovin …

“You get better sex when you know your own body. How can you expect a man to know your body when you don’t know what pleases you?” ~Eva Longoria

Be (B)eautiful: Looking sleazy is not sexy. Here is a good rule of thumb to follow when dressing up to keep it classy yet still look sexy.  If you are showing legs/booty keep the girls up top (boobies) in hiding. If you want to let the girls come out and play a little bit than throw on some jeans or a longer bottom. Be (A)uthentic: There are plenty of women who, in the interest of being nice, have ended up sleeping with people with whom they later realized we wouldn’t even have a cup of coffee with. If this is you there is no need to beat yourself up over it, but it is definitely not okay to continue this now that you are a BAD girl! Get in touch with yourself and choose carefully the people with whom we share our bodies. Be (D)etermined: A good girl has sex because she is doing it to make her partner happy. A BAD girl has sex to make HERSELF as well as her partner happy.  This …