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B.A.D. Girl Spring Trend: Slip-On Sneakers

This is probably my favorite shoe trend of the season because its an easy shoe to style. You can rock them with jeans and a blazer for the office or pair them with a cute dress for weekend brunch dates. I haven’t decided on the pair that I want yet and because I am an entrepreneur on a budget I have to choose the most versatile. I am however,  leaning towards the Steve Maddens since I don’t have Miu Miu money just yet. Steve Madden ECTRC-C in Snake, $99.95 Steve Madden ECCENTRIC in Leopard, $99.95 Vans classic slip-on in Metallic Leather, $60 Mother of Pearl printed canvas slip-ons, $370 Saint Laurent Pinaskullada in Pink/Black, $395 MIU MIU leather point toe slips-ons in Black, $490 Ash studded low tops in white, $142 Would you rock this trend? xoxo Nicole Let’s Connect:  Bloglovin’  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram   Youtube   Shop

TJ MAXX Shopping Haul Video

I visit TJ Maxx on the regular and almost always find some really cute items. I am obsessed with this store because it almost feels like I am thrifting, but for new stuff. Here are some of the items I scored during my last trip: BN Love Ring – $9.99 BN Leopard Necklace- $16.99 Madden Girl Taupe/Pink Loafers- $24.99 Crochet Crop Top- $14.99 Scottish Fine Soap Company Oatmeal Soap- $3.99 Steve Madden Leather & Neon Fringe Bag- $34.99 Do you shop at TJ Maxx? Any awesome purchases?  xx Nicole

The Girl With The Red Pants

I am always inspired by blogger Vivienne of Haute & Fierce and after taking these photos I realized my look was very similar to one of hers that she posted HERE.  Don’t you think so? Do any of these pieces look familiar to you?? They are from “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Collection” from H&M. Well, the jacket and top are anyways. I also copped a hoodie and the snood from the collection! The biker boots are from Steve Madden and were one of my Christmas gifts from the babe. Last winter I was totally into lace up/combat boots and this year I am all about the biker boot! What kind of boots are you rockin’?!  xo

Its all about the Floral Print Baby

The first of my childhood friends is getting married! And the best part, she is marrying her high school sweetheart! I attended her bridal shower this past weekend and it was so great to see her after so long. Since it was during the early afternoon; I wound up wearing this floral print jumper that I randomly found browsing thru F21. I kinda reallly lurveee it. I mentioned in  last week’s post about how yellow nail polish is a fun beauty trend you should try. I rocked OPI’s yellow polish and got tons of compliments. I scored these Steve Madden wedges at TJ Maxx and they are mad comfy. My feet felt so good to be in wedges after being tortured by flat sandals for 2 days in a row. Flat sandals may not hurt as bad as heels do right from the jump, but boy do they kill your feet after hours of standing and walking in them. Wedges are my go to summer shoe when I want to dress up or just be cute. 😉 What is …

“True hope dwells on the possible, even when life seems to be a plot written by someone who wants to see how much adversity we can overcome.”

Be (B)eautiful: Made a visit to Steve Madden last night and fell IN LOVE w/ a slipper (T-pain voice)! I think these little shoes are friggen ADORABLE! They have them in a variety of cute colors. Pay day come quick! Mama needs a new pair of shoes! Be (A)uthentic: Crying cleanses the soul. Some of us prefer to be hard as stones and refuse to crack. A BAD girl is a gem, a rare one, and you must always be bright and shining. So if something is bringing you down, hurting or upsetting you, let it out. Release that one good cry (talk/vent to someone too) and then make an effort to move forward. You won’t be able to shine with a cloud hanging over you. 🙂 Be (D)etermined: I finally got to check out the finalists competing to be the head blogger for Alicia Keys new website! A few of them truly inspired me, one in particular, Christina, REALLY did! I completely identified with her thought process and while reading her post-I thought, …