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Why It’s OK To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

I get that people feel like we shouldn’t have ONE day out of the year to to celebrate love in our life, but honestly its no different than celebrating a holiday like Thanksgiving where we take the time out to give thanks for what we have right, right? 5 Reasons it’s OK to Celebrate: 1.  It’s a holiday, which means we have a legit excuse to get out, have fun amd meet people! 2. Gift Giving helps spread cheer and positive energy. 3. You can use it as an excuse to treat YOURSELF. 4. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers; its also for family and friends. 5. B.A.D. Girls spread Love everyday and Feb 14th is no different, right? In a fast paced crazy world I feel like Holidays gives us the opportunity to take time out and make an extra effort to show our appreciation for our vast blessings and good fortune EVEN IF we make an effort to do it on the daily. Do you celebrate V-DAY? xx Nicole *image is not my own.

Merry Christmas B.A.D. Girls!

Merry Christmas to all of you celebrating today!  My mom admiring her cooking skills preparing dinner for the family! Homemade Coquito! The best gifts are the ones we can’t put a price tag on or purchase at Bloomingdales. It’s those gifts that I appreciate more than anything. However, it’s just not Christmas without gift giving so here is a peek at some of my gifts! Wishing you all a  day filled with LOVE since it is the best gift after all! Don’t forget to take a second to count your blessings and not the number of gifts you receive. 🙂 xx Nicole