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“I’m a B.A.D girl, so I don’t really care for rules.”~ Ms. B

Be (B)eautiful: The ‘Urban Safari’ look is hawt for the summa time. Lots of earthy colors, animal prints, and khaki. Love it! Be (A)uthentic: Rather than allowing others to set the rules for your life, you need to set your own rules – your own standards of greatness. You should be doing what you want, how you want it, the way you want it all while being (b)eautiful, (a)uthentic, and (d)etermined of course. Be (D)etermined: BAD girls know how to create teams of diverse people who are very loyal, yet also challenge and push us to achieve. We make sure to surround ourselves with positive people, who encourage us, and remind us just how amazingly capable we are at getting whatever we want!